The Best Worst Movies

bmovieartprintberdemic (small)bmovieartprinttheroom (small)bmovieartprinttroll2 (small)

Seriously; you haven’t lived until you’ve sat in a room full of people and sat through any (or ALL) of these three films. People will critique a movie and say “derpy derp that was the worst movie EVER.” No; they don’t know. Just because a movie has “no plot” or “lame special effects” or “no character development” or even “bad acting” doesn’t necessarily make it a “bad movie.”

Every once in a blue moon a movie will come out that just defies description. You dare not watch yet you cannot look away. You sit in your chair and just think in the most honest of tones, “WHAT am I WATCHING?” It becomes unfathomable that such a movie even exists. And once it’s over, after the train of confusion and disbelief finally passes, you find yourself with just one last option. “I gotta show this to someone!”

THAT’S what it means to be a “bad movie.” :)

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