Love Sucks


Posters and more at my store.

And with this piece, another year in the art world has ended. I thought it would be fitting to finish off the year by recreating one of my earliest yet most favorite works. Originally titled “It’s a Love Story!” this piece uses a completely new color scheme, completely redrawn artwork and just “gets” my intention better than any other versions before.

It also marks a turning point in my career as I’ve made the conscious decision to stray from the world of t-shirts for the time being. I’ll still produce the occasional design but simply put, the grind of creating artwork in hopes of getting attention just isn’t fun anymore. I have several ideas in my head that are constantly met with negativity and the “this won’t sell” mentality. While I’m able to work through the negativity for the most part I realized that I wasn’t enjoying the process anymore.

Instead I’m gonna pursue other ideas that have been cooking in my brain since the beginning of 2014. Hopefully, it’ll mean that throughout 2015, I will continue in my pursue my artistic identity.



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