Life News! Famous Faces released!


This is my game! I helped make this! My name is in the credits and everything!

“Famous Faces” is a trivia game that I was commissioned to create the artwork for. It was directly inspired by my successful “Faces of Carrey” poster created oh so long ago. As some of you may know I submitted the image to Reddit to get some feedback and the response was MUCH greater than I could’ve anticipated. Soon I was on the front page, getting massive karma and selling a few prints. It was nice. It encouraged me to keep exploring my art. But that wasn’t the end of it.


Soon afterward a company called FreshGames LLC contacted me. One of their developers was a fellow Redditor and stumbled upon my post. Inspired he pitched an idea to his boss and the two decided that my art would be perfect for a new trivia game! I agreed and devoted myself to creating the 400+ portraits necessary for the game. Famous Faces became my full-time job as I chained myself to my computer for up to 14 hours a day to get this artwork complete. It was completely new to me and a bit scary; never before had I been tasked with a “professional” art job.


To see everything finally come together makes those exhausting months worth it. I have no idea how people will respond to the game. It may fall flat on its (pun intended) face or it could soar and become the next Trivia Crack! But regardless of where I go from here I am very happy to have been a part of this project and look forward to creating something even better some day.

The game is currently available through the iTunes store (other releases to come) and is free-to-play! Check it out! I would greatly appreciated it.


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