Natural Cannabis


What was your High Art inspiration?

I don’t have the luxury of calling art my job. In fact, I’ve spent the last few months completely without one, barely scraping by with the few art projects that have come my way as I tried to find a steady job. In that time I’ve had to give up a lot of other luxuries and save just the bare essentials. It’s been tough. But thankfully, with the help of a few friends, some drinks and some smoke I’ve managed to keep my sanity. Smoking to me is a rare treat.
But one of my best friends suffers from Chron’s disease. At his best, he’s jovial if a bit weak but at his worst, he can’t even leave his bedroom. Smoking helps him in ways I could never truly understand. Another one of my friends has a mother with mental disorders. She’s a wonderful woman full of life and very friendly even to complete strangers. They’ve also embraced smoking and sure enough, it has helped her better than any other medication has.
It’s a shame that we live in Texas and thus have to work a bit harder just to even access it. But I’m confident that within my lifetime we will see smoking be legalized not just here but across the country. It’s one thing to outlaw something that makes you high for fun. But to deprive innocent people of a useful medication is just inhumane. 
With my artwork, I knew it would be important to not just feature “young people” smoking. I included elderly people instead to really (no pun intended) illustrate my point. Weed doesn’t hurt you or demotivate you. In a world that’s gotten itself in a hurry to be the best, it’s good to simply let yourself unwind. You owe it to yourself.

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