My final post for 2017.

This piece represents my contempt for how guns are treated in this country. I am actually FOR giving guns to citizens and allowing an armed populace. When in the hands of able-minded people having a gun in the household is a perfectly safe thing to have and a good discipline to teach children.

The guns that cause the death and destruction in the worst shootings in America require no discipline. Assault rifles do not belong in the hands of the average citizen. Allowing citizens to buy whatever guns they want is a cute idea but its obvious that we can’t be trusted with them. If your child repeatedly throws his toys at people you don’t give him bigger toys; you take them away. The idea that “only criminals will have them” is a paranoia-induced sentiment that perpetrates the idea that only criminals cause these shootings. They’re not.

The kids in Columbine were average citizens. The Orlando shooter? US citizen; no criminal record. Vegas? Retired US with no criminal history and a (perfectly legal) gambling problem. Seems like criminals don’t have much interest in shooting people; they’re more interested in taking money than lives.


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