From Dallas, Tx, weighing in at 215 pounds, “SALTY” STEVE DOMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGUEEEEEEEEEZ!

Salty” earned his name by competing in local Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom tournaments. Originally focusing on video game themes his work now incorporates Twitter fights, professional wrestling, Mexicano culture, anime and manga,  tattoos and absurdist imagery.


“I love to create work that makes you wonder what the hell I was on when I made it.”


A self-taught artist since childhood, Salty‘s work is a combination of traditional ink drawing and digital illustration. With a growing following on social media and a number of upcoming shows, Salty is set to become a unique name in the DFW art scene.


“Think about the popular art videos you see on Facebook and Instagram. Now think about the thousands of posts that you didn’t see. You’ll find me in those.”


Social media:

Twitter Instagram Facebook Twitch Tumblr


Redbubble DesignByHumans Threadless

Upcoming Shows:

  • Conception Art Show Dallas (Sept 2017)

Past Shows:

  • Chocolate & Art Show Dallas (July 2017)
  • Central Arts of Bedford presents: The 80’s and Morrissey Tribute show (Feb 2017)
  • Central Arts of Bedford presents: Super Artcade (Sep 2016)
  • Peepshow Dallas presents: Partial Lobotomy (Sep 2016)
  • RAW Dallas Presents: Futures (Feb 2016)
  • RAW Dallas Presents: Holiday Rawk (Dec 2015)


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