About Me


Who is Salty??

The nickname derives from his days playing Street Fighter IV and Marvel Vs Capcom 3 with his friends on the East Coast. Though not a particularly unskilled player, Salty much preferred the mind games and trash talk of the sport rather than the execution and skills.

While broke and heartbroken in Boston, MA, Salty stumbled upon a t-shirt design contest with a hefty payout. Having dabbled in illustration all his life, Salty began his quest to become a professional on this lonely night.

His early designs sucked. Don’t look for them.

But as he matured and learned more about the trade, Salty began to realize his work extended far beyond cotton apparel. He challenged the world to show him their moves!

Soon, logos, stickers, posters, hot dog carts, lice shampoo labels, 3D printer companies; the clients came from as diverse backgrounds as America could provide.

Now in Lewisville, TX, Salty lives with his loving family, can’t keep his opinions to himself, occasionally skates and, to this day, is always down for some Mahvel.

For pricing and inquiries, contact: thesaltystudios@gmail.com


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